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Wednesday, 7 December 2011


We have now closed for the winter months but, fear not, we'll be back in Spring (March/April, depending on when the weather gets warmer).  And don't think it's all leisurely lunches and lie-ins from now until then; we'll be working on new recipes and developing a calendar of fun events and workshops to be held at the cafe next year.   Keep an eye on this blog for updates!

Posterity is still very much open and able to help you through this season of entertaining with bigger tables, extra beds, rugs to cosy up the guestroom and additional (and very lovely) tableware.

Thank you all so much for a fantastic opening season.  And thanks to everyone who supported the Vintage Fair - what a day!  I have RSI in my shoulder from the amount of coffees we made!  It really was a phenomenal day for everyone involved; the Shin Of Beef and Squash, Chickpea and Pearl Barley stews went down particularly well, as did the delicious cakes supplied by Rachel, Sue, Hannah, Jen and Meg - thank you so much ladies!  The stalls looked absolutely gorgeous and I have since spoken to numerous happy shoppers, delighted with their one-off purchases (as I was with mine, despite not actually escaping from the cafe until gone 5pm by which time most stall-holders were packing up!).  David did a remarkable job plugging the event with radio and press coverage, not to mention thousands of flyers and where would we have been without the delectable car park crew - well done boys!

Thank you all again for your unwaivering support - see you in 2012!!  Have a wonderful Christmas and a very merry New Year xx