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Thursday, 27 September 2012


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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

September: The New January

I am liking September. I can't pinpoint why, exactly, but September is feeling good. Exciting, even. I have found myself making resolutions - and I am not one for resolutions. Particularly as they are generally made in January, a grey, bleak month laced with post-Christmas blues, when one is in no fit state for anything, let alone life-changing schemes and 'promises to be better at almost everything'. Pah.

But September is a great time for change. Change is in the air, after all . The nights are already so much darker, and there's a definite nip in the evenings. But rather than join the masses in bemoaning the end of the summer-we-never-had, I find myself feeling positive about what is to come. As long as it's not rain....

The cafe is looking like a pregnant woman, circa 7 months; Positively Blooming. We have Genevieve Belgard in residence all week for h.Art, and her work has bought colour and vitality to our walls and souls!

We are also looking forward to the return of Salvation's surrogate sister, Kathleen Of Murgatroyd and Bean (Fridays have not been the same without her), and her fantastic Autumn programme of stitchiness. If you haven't booked on to a workshop yet, then do get in touch. We have had the most wonderful feedback for her Spring and Summer sessions - she is a brilliant teacher and marvellous maker.

Perhaps we can tempt you to join us in a little bit of stitch therapy from the list below?

September 2012

Let us show you how to make a tiny, decorative tree stump using traditional tweeds and knobbley handstitches. Just big enough for a Bobgoblin to sit on!

21st September 'STITCH DOODLE: Applique' workshop
Enjoy two hours of creative hand embroidery. We will experiment with a variety of hand stitches and applique techniques.

28th September 'STITCHED MINIATURES' workshop
We will use simple drawing and transfer techniques as a foundation to create handstitched creature portraits suitable for wearing as a brooch or for framing.

October Workshops

5th October 'BABOUSHKA BROOCH' workshop
Also known as Matroyshkas, discover how to make a lapel sized Russian lady with colourful felt robes, embellished with handstitch.

12th October 'SUFFOLK PUFF ROSETTE' workshop
Made from a simple fabric ruching technique, Suffolk Puffs are full of possibilities. Learn how to make them into ruffled rosettes suitable for wearing or framing.

19th October 'STITCH DOODLE: Lettering' workshop
Enjoy two hours of creative hand embroidery. Using an embroidery hoop, we will experiment with a variety of techniques to 'write' in stitch.

26th October 'FELT MENAGERIE' (Pocket Zoo) workshop

Make your very own pocket-sized pet made from felt and lavished with hand embroidery.

Our handstitch workshops take place in the delightful surroundings of Cafe Salvation, near Ledbury, Herefordshire, on Fridays between 10am - 12pm.

Each session costs £20 or £54 if you book a place on three sessions at once. Cost includes all materials unless stated.

Groups are kept small and relaxed. They are suitable for anyone who can thread a needle.
Booking is essential as places are limited and can be reserved for you with a 50% deposit.
To book a place please contact: kathleen@murgatroydandbean.co.uk or Helen Creese at cafesalvation@gmail.com

One of my resolutions is to have a session with Kath (I can dream). Another is to share more of our glorious recipes on this blog. I just have to tear myself away from the oven for long enough....

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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

h. Art Week at Salvation

As part of Herefordshire Art Week (a fantastic event enabling visitors to meet the makers behind the art in wonderful venues across the county), Salvation will be home to Genevieve Belgard, creator of the most beautiful pictures achieved by 'cloud gazing'. No idea what I'm on about? Then come and see Genevieve in action; she'll be in residence at the cafe from Saturday the 8th - Sunday 16th September, where she'll be demonstrating her craft and offering visitors the opportunity to get involved in an interactive piece.
Genevieve's current work will be on display and available to buy.

Please note that the cafe will be open as usual on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, for yummy food and delicious drinks.

For full opening times and access information, take a look here:


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