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Thursday, 27 September 2012


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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

September: The New January

I am liking September. I can't pinpoint why, exactly, but September is feeling good. Exciting, even. I have found myself making resolutions - and I am not one for resolutions. Particularly as they are generally made in January, a grey, bleak month laced with post-Christmas blues, when one is in no fit state for anything, let alone life-changing schemes and 'promises to be better at almost everything'. Pah.

But September is a great time for change. Change is in the air, after all . The nights are already so much darker, and there's a definite nip in the evenings. But rather than join the masses in bemoaning the end of the summer-we-never-had, I find myself feeling positive about what is to come. As long as it's not rain....

The cafe is looking like a pregnant woman, circa 7 months; Positively Blooming. We have Genevieve Belgard in residence all week for h.Art, and her work has bought colour and vitality to our walls and souls!

We are also looking forward to the return of Salvation's surrogate sister, Kathleen Of Murgatroyd and Bean (Fridays have not been the same without her), and her fantastic Autumn programme of stitchiness. If you haven't booked on to a workshop yet, then do get in touch. We have had the most wonderful feedback for her Spring and Summer sessions - she is a brilliant teacher and marvellous maker.

Perhaps we can tempt you to join us in a little bit of stitch therapy from the list below?

September 2012

Let us show you how to make a tiny, decorative tree stump using traditional tweeds and knobbley handstitches. Just big enough for a Bobgoblin to sit on!

21st September 'STITCH DOODLE: Applique' workshop
Enjoy two hours of creative hand embroidery. We will experiment with a variety of hand stitches and applique techniques.

28th September 'STITCHED MINIATURES' workshop
We will use simple drawing and transfer techniques as a foundation to create handstitched creature portraits suitable for wearing as a brooch or for framing.

October Workshops

5th October 'BABOUSHKA BROOCH' workshop
Also known as Matroyshkas, discover how to make a lapel sized Russian lady with colourful felt robes, embellished with handstitch.

12th October 'SUFFOLK PUFF ROSETTE' workshop
Made from a simple fabric ruching technique, Suffolk Puffs are full of possibilities. Learn how to make them into ruffled rosettes suitable for wearing or framing.

19th October 'STITCH DOODLE: Lettering' workshop
Enjoy two hours of creative hand embroidery. Using an embroidery hoop, we will experiment with a variety of techniques to 'write' in stitch.

26th October 'FELT MENAGERIE' (Pocket Zoo) workshop

Make your very own pocket-sized pet made from felt and lavished with hand embroidery.

Our handstitch workshops take place in the delightful surroundings of Cafe Salvation, near Ledbury, Herefordshire, on Fridays between 10am - 12pm.

Each session costs £20 or £54 if you book a place on three sessions at once. Cost includes all materials unless stated.

Groups are kept small and relaxed. They are suitable for anyone who can thread a needle.
Booking is essential as places are limited and can be reserved for you with a 50% deposit.
To book a place please contact: kathleen@murgatroydandbean.co.uk or Helen Creese at cafesalvation@gmail.com

One of my resolutions is to have a session with Kath (I can dream). Another is to share more of our glorious recipes on this blog. I just have to tear myself away from the oven for long enough....

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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

h. Art Week at Salvation

As part of Herefordshire Art Week (a fantastic event enabling visitors to meet the makers behind the art in wonderful venues across the county), Salvation will be home to Genevieve Belgard, creator of the most beautiful pictures achieved by 'cloud gazing'. No idea what I'm on about? Then come and see Genevieve in action; she'll be in residence at the cafe from Saturday the 8th - Sunday 16th September, where she'll be demonstrating her craft and offering visitors the opportunity to get involved in an interactive piece.
Genevieve's current work will be on display and available to buy.

Please note that the cafe will be open as usual on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, for yummy food and delicious drinks.

For full opening times and access information, take a look here:


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Thursday, 2 August 2012

Hats Off To Team Salvation

Sportswear is about as close as we're going to get to the Olympics, so we're ridiculously proud to be sporting our new caps:

Fancy yourself as an honorary member of the crew? The hats are available to purchase at the cafe or via the blog. Want to set your own pace? Then create your own at www.luckyseven.tv

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Tuesday, 10 July 2012


Klara Goldy, Interior Designer, will be using Salvation as the base for her 2012 summer workshops.  See you there!


Workshops with Klara Goldy, Interior Designer at Goldy Interiors & Design Associates Ltd

Workshops will take place on Mondays, throughout July and August.  
Part One  DIY Mood Board Work Shop
Creating a fabulous design for your room with Interior Design expert, Klara Goldy
A two day workshop with a fortnight break in between for homework. Cost includes lunch, drawing materials, paper and paints: £65 per person
Recycling and Up-Selling your Objet Junk into Objet D’Arte,
Mini 1 day workshop with Klara Goldy,  Bring items or photos along to inspire you.  A small painting project will be undertaken.  See details on www.klaragoldy.blogspot.com
Cost of workshop is £65.00  per person inclusive of materials &  lunch.
Colour: The Power To Transform Your Environment 
1/2 day talk culminating in lunch – £35 per person

Part 2: DIY Mood Board Work Shop
Creating a fabulous design for your room with Interior Design expert, Klara Goldy
Cost includes lunch, drawing materials and paints: £65 per person

Booking is essential as places are limited and can be reserved for you with a 50% deposit.

For details and booking information see the www.klaragoldy.blogspot.com or  www.cafesalvation.blogspot.com

Monday, 9 July 2012


Just had to share these with you; please get in touch for prices, dimensions, delivery info, etc.

Every hour is happy hour at Posterity, thanks to State Of The Arc's retro Cocktail bar......

Fab 'Hoover' lamp......

A Pope Pius bronze death mask.

Great under-bed storage box.

Wonderful old trunk.

Beautiful glass storage jars.

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Kathleen, the gorgeous Human from Murgatroyd and Bean, has become a much-cherised part of the furniture here at Salvation. So imagine our devastation as the last of her 4-week Hand Emboidery workshops drew to a close on Friday.

Just as we were about to ball in to our Breakfast Bruschettas, Kath presented us with her timetable of new workshops, scheduled to take place on Friday mornings throughout July and August - hooray!!!

Workshops will take place on Fridays between 10am - 12pm, from 13th July - 31st August.

Each session will cost £20 (which includes all materials) or if you book a place on three sessions at once, £54.

Suitable for anyone who can thread a needle. Kathleen can accommodate parent + older child (10+) to most of these sessions.

Booking is essential as places are limited and can be reserved for you with a 50% deposit.

To book a place please contact: kathleen@murgatroydandbean.co.uk or Helen Creese at cafesalvation@gmail.com

Workshop topics as follows:

13th July: Hand Embroidered Heart
Make a folk inspired heart decoration made from felt, covered in stitch, beads & buttons

20th July: Stitch Doodling- Colour
Enjoy two hours of creative hand embroidery. Experiment with a variety of hand stitches to create your own sampler in a hoop. Colour will be our theme.

27th July: Suffolk Puff Rosettes
Made from a simple fabric gathering technique, Suffolk Puffs are full of possibilities! Learn how to make them into gorgeous rosettes suitable for wearing or framing.

3rd August: Stitch Doodling - Pattern
Enjoy two hours of creative hand embroidery. Experiment with a variety of hand stitches to create your own sampler in a hoop. Pattern will be our theme.

10th August: Felt Menagerie
Begin your very own pocket-sized zoo with an animal made from felt and lavished with hand embroidery.

17th August: Stitch Doodling - Texture
Enjoy two hours of creative hand embroidery. Experiment with a variety of hand stitches to create your own sampler in a hoop. Texture will be our theme.

24th August:Textile Cameo Brooch
Create a traditional brooch with a contemporary twist using hand stitch, calico and haberdashery. It's not essential, but you'd be very welcome to bring along a small head & shoulders photo of someone you hold dear to base the cameo on. We will use the photo for tracing purposes.

31st August: Decorative Hanging Birds
Folk inspired birds made from felt or vintage fabrics, embellished with stitch, buttons and beads.

Thank you, Kathleen, for my very beautiful Salvation Rosette, which I haven't taken off since you gave it to me; You are a very clever lady indeed!

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Monday, 2 July 2012

Ooo, What A Night!

What a night, indeed. Salvation's 1st birthday party went with a bang, thanks to live music from A Month Of Sundays (thank you, Nick), free-flowing cider (courtesy of my husband) and Elderflower Prosseco (thanks, Col!). Not to forget the fine feast of lamb and date patties (thanks Pops), delicious quiches (thanks Jen!) and abundant delights from the Salvation Kitchen. Winner of the night? Hannah's Coconut Macaroons (the last of which almost caused a punch-up).

We had all planned to say a few words, but a combination of the cider and having-too-much-fun resulted in a rather rushed speech from me, so I'd like to post the 'official' thank-you list here, to make it proper and all that!

Thank You's!

"A million thank you's from the bottom of Salvation's enormous heart to Our Army - an indisposable group of people who have helped Salvation become the cafe it is today....

Paul J: For his intrinsic understanding of who we are and what Salvation is about, giving us our visual identity.

Rachel Graff: For wonderfully quirky cakes and bloody hard work.

Mum: For more delicious cakes and spotless washing up!

Dad Creese: For fetching and carrying, heading up the veggie garden and planting our floral fancies.

Popsy: For teaching me to cook in the first place! Also for helping in the Salvation kitchen at Baynhams and lots of wise, wise words.

David and Nick: For their dedication to Salvation lunches, fetching and carrying and for keeping a keen eye on the car park at all times...

Sue: for stepping in when needed and loving our chocolate cake!

Reass: For his gorgeous fence outside and all his Father Skpimas finds!

Paula: For looking after my children so I can be at the cafe!

Holly and Laura: For all their hard work and being so lovely to work with.

Hannah: For gorgeous cakes and being a great friend.

A big thank you to all of our suppliers who help us offer the best produce and products available.

We'd also like to thank all of our customers who have supported us over the last 12 months - you are a pleasure to serve and we hope that you have enjoyed Salvation as much as we enjoy having you here! Special mentions go to:

Anna: for staggering loyalty week-on-week, only missing us if she's out of the county!

Susie&Viv: For constant support and enjoyable conversation (read: gossip)!

Nick and T: our favourite not-for-profit customers!

The Bubbles girls: For joining us for lunch, and when you can't get here, ordering takeaways.

Thank you to all of our takeaway customers; we value you just as much as the ones who make it in".

So that was the 'official' speech; but of course, there's one glaring omission. I want to thank my husband, because without him, Salvation would have remained but a dream. He continually supports me, through thick and thin, good times and bad, and his faith in me seems to be unwaivering (even when I begin to doubt myself). His exceptional eye for detail is what makes Salvation such a beautiful place - so many people assume that the design of the cafe is down to me: actually, it's all Pete. What a man what a man what a man, he's a mighty mighty good man. A mighty mighty good man.

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Thursday, 21 June 2012


Happy Birthday to us! We are ONE, and to celebrate, we'll be having a bit of a knees up at the cafe this Saturday, from 5. It's our way of saying 'thank you' to all of our lovely customers, friends and family who have supported us over the last 12 months. Make mine a large one- I think I've earnt it!

Thanks a million gazillions to the super-talented, outrageously handsome (he reads the blog, so this is getting me brownie points!) Paul who made the bunting (not that he's after any commissions!).

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Tuesday, 12 June 2012


Last night, I dreamt I went to Manderley again....Not really. Last night, I cooked a beef stew. It was absolutely delicious (it's one of those fail-safe recipes that I turn to time and time again). No, the flavour wasn't the problem. The problem was the fact that the last time I cooked it, was on a very cold, wet February afternoon. And as we looked out of our windows at the grey, thunderous clouds overhead, I just couldn't get my head around the fact that it's JUNE. And then my phone beeped, and a long-awaited text from my fishmonger lifted my spirits in an instant:

'Samphire's in'.

Oh, Joy of Joys!! Samphire has to be my favourite seasonal veg. It's the one that I hanker after from mid-May onwards. Don't get me wrong - raised in the Vale of Evesham a love of Asparagus is in my blood, but there is something so very special about Samphire. The tenderness of the young stems, the vibrancy of a summer green and that smell, that smell!! As Max gave me the tray to examine, it was like being stood on the coastline, seaspray splashing my face. So guess what's coming on to the menu this week, peeps?!

With the arrival of Samphire, we're implememnting our next seasonal menu change. My favourite sea-asparagus will be joining smoked mackerel and creamy horseradish dressing on a sourdough bruschetta. Another newbie on the bruschetta menu is our oak roasted salmon with crushed broad beans, peas and mint, drizzled with a watercress mayonnaise. Yum!!

One of last year's favourite's - Fennel Crumble - is making a welcome return, and this year we're using gluten-free flour, so as not to exclude anyone from its utter loveliness. And we've developed a new Turkey Pattie - flatter, thinner and larger than our meatballs, made with spices, fresh mint and coriander. Delicious in our cones or as part of a salad plate.

Our lovely Laura had something of an epiphany last week, when she married the lemon and garlic chicken with our grilled halloumi and popped it in to one of our cones. It is currently my favourite lunch, and I highly recommend it to our take-away customers who might fancy a bit of a change...

We are becoming more and more aware of special dietary requirements and are therefore trying to adapt our menu to enable us to serve everyone (we believe that good food is there to be enjoyed by all!). We are vigilantly examining the products that we use, and where possible, we will always try and adapt a recipe to suit as many folk as possible, as long as the taste is not jeopardised as a result. We are currently awaiting some sample gluten-free falafels, and the lovely lady at the Bran Tub, Malvern, is keeping an eye out for corn/gluten-free tortillas. We love to hear about new products so do get in touch if you can make any recommendations.

All of this yummy new food on our menu should be reason enough to pay us a visit, but for the creatively-inclined amongst you, don't forget that we are being joined by Kathleen of Murgatroyd and Bean this Friday, with her 'Felt Menagerie' hand embroidery workshop. Get in touch if you'd like us to reserve your place.

Thursday, 31 May 2012


...Then you'll be delighted to hear that we've pinned down Kathleen ('scuse the pun!) for some workshop dates in June!  Fancy yourself some fabric-y fun, cracking company and tuition from a black-belt in embroidery?  Then you'd best get these dates in your diary and confirm your booking with us, pronto!

The workshops will take place on the following Fridays between 10am - 12pm:

1) Friday 15th June: 'Felt Menagerie' 
Begin your very own zoo with a pocket-sized animal made from Felt.
2) Friday 22nd June: 'Thorny Joe'
Have fun learning how to make a 3d cactus pincushion stitched by hand complete with it's own terracotta pot.
3) Friday 29th June: 'Garden in a Hoop'
 Make merry with handstitch, vintage fabric scraps and an embroidery hoop to create a framed piece of stitchery with a floral theme.
Each session will cost £20 (which includes all materials) or you can book a place on all three sessions for £52.  To book a place please contact:
kathleen@murgatroydandbean.co.uk or Helen Creese at cafesalvation@gmail.com.  
  Booking is essential as places are limited and can be reserved for you with a 50% deposit.
1. Felt Menagerie Workshop: Friday 15th June, 10am - 12pm.



These little felt creatures are examples of the pocket-sized pet we will be making at our forthcoming, 'Felt Menagerie'  workshop on Friday 15th June 2012 (10am - 12pm). Each animal is made from a simple design, stitched together by hand and embellished with embroidery. During the two hour session you will be taken through the process step-by-step. Each creature will be as unique as you are! 

 2. 'Thorny Joe' Cactus Pincushion Workshop: Friday 22nd June, 10am -12pm


These succulent, felt fellows might look like a pair of prickly characters but they are always more than happy to keep an eye on your pins & needles. They are made from felt (so no need to water!)  and sit in their very own miniature terracotta pot.

3. 'Garden in a Hoop' Embroidery Workshop: Friday27th June, 10am-12pm


For those with an interest in handstitch and vintage textiles, the third in our series of short workshops being held in June could be for you. We will take inspiration from all things floral.

 Using a traditional wooden embroidery hoop to keep the fabric in place, participants will be shown how to 'stitch-doodle' by hand onto a vintage piece of linen; some of which will still bear the evidence of previous lives as table or tray cloths. You will have the option to further embellish the piece with buttons, beads, applique and even a Suffolk Puff or two! At the end of your stitch-doodling the embroidery hoop can become a frame in which to hang the piece in. Voila! 
This session is suitable for those with some basic handstitch experience. You would be most welcome to bring along scraps of your own favourite fabrics or floral pictures for inspiration, although not essential as all materials will be provided. 

Give us a call, drop us a line, tweet or even better, pop in to the cafe to reserve your place!