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Tuesday, 24 April 2012


So Spring has well and truly sprung; British Summer Time officially started on the 25th March and although I'm yet to bare my wintery-white legs (it's not exactly warm, is it) - my local green grocers have got an array of beautiful produce adorning their shelves.  Of course, I'm incapable of resisting temptation, especially when a Jersey Royal is involved, so instead of awaiting the arrival of May, we'll be introducing the first of our seasonal specials this week.  We're bringing back the Four Seed New Potato Salad (with cumin, onion, fennel and mustard seeds), as well as our old friends, Leek Fritters. 

And it's not just the green grocer who's been leading me astray...my butcher's spring lamb (a shoulder of which was devoured by friends on Sunday - accompanied by the most amazing salsa verde which I will share with you some day), is also too good to pass up, so we're laying out the red carpet for Spring Lamb Koftas - those feisty little lamb patties which caused quite a stir last year.  All of the seasonal specials are available as takeaway options; the koftas are great in our flatbread cones or as part of a salad box, likewise the fritters, and the Four Seed Potatoes will nuzzle up nicely with our Turlu Turlu and Giant cous cous salad.

The Turlu Turlu is having a shake-up, too.  We're throwing in a bit of butternut squash, tomatoes and turnip to brighten things up a bit.  It may be grey outside, but we like our food to shine....

Hope you enjoy the photos - we really must take more this year!  It always seems to be at the end of the day when we finally remember that we need some snaps, so the food has been devoured and the customers have gone home!  I promise to try harder....or at least give the camera to someone else...any volunteers?

Monday, 23 April 2012

Just a quick reminder that the gorgeous Kathleen from Murgatroyd and Bean will be running her Bird Brooch workshop this Friday 27th April, from 10am - 12pm, at Salvation.  Contact Helen on 07813188085 or email cafesalvation@gmail.com to reserve your place!