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Thursday, 21 July 2011

Dave's Big One.

A recent fishing trip involving three generations of Urquharts resulted in a gorgeous 3lb trout being landed.  How could I refuse when David offered it up for this week's menu?  To accompany it I've knocked up a very pretty and darn tasty 'Pink Potato Salad' (home-grown beetroot, potatoes, spring onions and chives), and a delicious brown rice salad with soy, ginger, lime and coriander.

Spot the penguin...

Also on the menu this week is a slow-cooked loin of pork in honey and ginger, a Rainbow and Herb Salad (Roots own Rainbow Chard), and one of my favourite Ottolenghi recipes - Fennel and Cherry Tomato Crumble (so yummy).

Little Penguin's (website coming soon) cakes compliment the menu brilliantly this week in terms of colour; a beautifully moist Chocolate and Beetroot cake is joined by a marvelous Maple, Carrot and Pecan sponge.  YUM.

I had hoped to post some photos today, but unfortunately (although not for our lovely customers!), we'd sold out of the pork by 14:00 and the majority of the trout.  I'll try again tomorrow.

Rustic bread, topped with:
Trout and Creamy Eggs £4.50
Creamy Eggs and Smoked Bacon Lardons £4.50
Mushrooms and Parsley£4.00
Tomatoes £4.00
Ricotta, honey and mixed seeds £4.00
(or combo of your choice: 2 x toppings £4.50; 3 x toppings £5.50)

with Jam/Marmite £2.00
Beans/Cheese £3.00
Dippy Eggs £3.00

With Jam and butter £1.80

Slow Roasted Tomato and Chilli

David’s Trout
Baked with lemon and fresh herbs.
Pork Loin in Honey and Ginger
Roasted pork loin with honey and ginger.
Fennel and Cherry Tomato Crumble
Ottolenghi’s delicious creamy fennel with thyme and cherry toms.

Brown Rice Salad with Soy and Lime dressing
Brown rice, spring onions, soy, sesame oil and lime
Pink Potato Salad
Potatoes and beetroot with spring onion, yoghurt and lemon
Root's Rainbow Leaf and Herb Salad
Mixed garden leaves with rocket, basil, coriander, parsley, fennel and mint.

½ Pint portions of the above menu

With Ham or Cheese

Unless otherwise stated: £5.50 for 2 items, £6.50 for three (includes one Headliner)

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  1. By jingo, that food sounds good! Will be paying a visit in the very near future :)