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Tuesday, 18 October 2011


There are a number of very wonderful people involved in Salvation and from time to time, within the medium of this blog, I'd really like to give them a mention, as Salvation wouldn't be what it is without them.

First up, our great friend Paul.  Paul is a brilliant graphic designer and an excellent writer.  We share with Paul a love of India and it was the crazy but beautiful artwork on the Indian trucks that we wanted the Salvation logo to be based upon.  Paul has obviously come as close as we have on his Enfield to these mental motors, as he nailed the image from the word go.  He has helped us hugely with our venture (not to mention every party we've ever thrown and more recently, Baynham's Cider), he is always on the end of the phone when things get a bit technical and he has an innate understanding of image and identity.  We were very lucky to be neighbours in London and we are hoping he'll be more local to us soon...

You can view more of Paul's work here:  http://pauljeffreydesign.com/

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  1. Hi Helen
    Thank you for the invitation to the vintage and handmade fair on 26th November, I would love to have a stall. my email is andreahannis@yahoo.co.uk.
    Speak soon