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Monday, 21 May 2012

Surface To Air...

...or rather, 'for' air (however, the former do make rather beautiful clothes and shoes which I'm coveting at the moment: www.surfacetoair.com/store).  The last few weeks have flown by in a whirrrr of activity, resulting in us at Salvation HQ developing those cartoon legs that whizz around in circles (a sight worth seeing if you're yet to visit).  It feels good to take a breather and reflect on what we've been up to.

I blame it on that Kathleen of Murgatroyd and Bean, for it's ever since her bird brooch workshop at the end of April that we haven't been able to stand still.  The workshop was a resounding success; we loved having the ladies beavering away at their embroidery whilst we prepared lunch orders.  And before we could look up, they'd created the most beautiful brooches and had worked up appetites in need of a Salvation lunch.  Each participant confided that they could have quite happily sat there all afternoon - Kathleen is a wonderful tutor and we're all longing for her return.  Watch this space for future workshops, scheduled in for June.

Perhaps it was the sound of the genteel tapping of thimble against needle, or the smell of our Leek Fritters on the grill that lured our next arrival.  Good old Mother Duck - who has been in residence (well, a parsley box) since the beginning of April, finally hatched all 11 of her eggs to reveal the fluffiest, sprightliest little chicks we have ever seen. 

 Never one to miss out on a PR opportunity (those little duckies sure could pull a crowd), David created a supremely cosy home for the brood, replete with grass, slides, pools and plenty of grub.  Yet despite his best efforts on the housing front, Deidre clearly had her eyes set on pastures new and moved on after the bank holiday.

Clearly a lady with great taste....

Perhaps the girls knew what was coming....the crowds flocked in for Posterity's open weekend - the launch of the new units in the front barn - on the 10th/11th and 12th of May.  Many folk were en route to or from the Spring Show at Malvern, all of them were hungry!  Salvation was buzzing and the sun finally put in an appearance, so our lovely customers got to sit outside and enjoy our stunning location.

We unofficially joined in with Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution Day on Saturday 19th May, telling anyone who'd listen about our wonderful local suppliers and simple recipes for wholesome, fast and tasty food.  Preaching to the converted, I feel, but it's a great cause and we do love to champion our delicious dishes and equally yummy suppliers....

There's no signs of things quietening down this week, either; the Olympic Torch will be winging its way through Ledbury on Thursday.  Go have a peep, but escape the crowds and join us for lunch.  The Leek Fritters are on, as are the Lamb Koftas and the Pulled Pork's not going anywhere.  Take-away customers: don't forget the seasonal specials are available to you too!

And Finally....I know we don't look it, but Salvation is ONE WHOLE YEAR OLD!!  Almost.  We'll be celebrating our first year on Saturday the 23rd of June, and we'd love you all to join us.  We'll post the flyer on this blog with all the details.  Doesn't time fly when you're having fun?

Time to love you and leave you, I'm afraid.  If you find yourself missing us between blogs, you can catch us on twitter and facebook.  If you like us, spread the good Salvation word!

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  1. Phew, I'm exhausted reading about all of that!
    Thank you for such lovely comments and I can only apologise for opening the floodgates of busy-ness. Looks like next month could be just as busy too!