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Wednesday, 3 August 2011


We've had a busy week here at Salvation, largely due to the fact that the Big Chill is well under way and with the cafe located on the very edge of the festival site, we've been preparing ourselves for the extra mouths that may need feeding...

The Turkey and Sweetcorn meatballs are back by popular demand (even better with the accompanying  Roasted Red Pepper Sauce).  I'm also really excited about the Cauliflower and Cumin fritters - a recipe that I'll definitely be sharing on this blog; they were so easy to make and taste divine - Mr. Ottolenghi, you are a genius.  It's a similar cooking process to last week's Courgette, Feta and Herb Fritters (which went down a storm with Lime Yoghurt) - I'm thinking Courgette and Cumin would work well, too....

I was fearing a glut of beetroot in the garden so had initially planned a chilled Beetroot soup, as well as the Beetroot and Carrot salad, but upon closer inspection, half my beets are still tiny, so I opted for the salad -  it will go so well with the meatballs or fritters and it's my current food crush - the beetroot and carrots are so so sweet and the lemon just injects a bit of attitude.  Finished off with some freshly chopped parsley, it's dead pretty too!

It was tempting to do the Courgette Fritters again this week, as I have Courgettes coming out of my ears (it's a good look).  But a chance encounter with a Sunday Times Style magazine led to the discovery of a delicious sounding pizza topping - Courgette and its flowers with Ricotta.  I adore home-made pizzas, so will be having a go at these on Friday - expect to see them in the cafe on Saturday (and Monday, for all the folk on their journey back to reality after what should be a heavenly weekend at the Chill). 

It was very lovely indeed to hear from the gorgeous Mel of AbsolutelyNothingToWear.com this week.  I met Mel a few years back when she and her husband bought our house.  They've since relocated to the Shires and I had no idea that Mel was writing this brilliant blog.  I'm definitely going to do the Beetroot soup (I've been reading this week about beetroot's incredible health-benefits - full of antioxidants and they make a great hang over cure....maybe I should try and make a batch this weekend?!).  And my God, that girl can rock a Kaftan.  It's not only a great site for food and fashion lovers, but the crafty section is superb - please can I have a room full of Peony Pom Poms?

Rustic bread, topped with:
Oak Roasted Salmon and Creamy Eggs £5.00
Creamy Eggs and Smoked Bacon £4.50
Mushrooms and Parsley£4.00
Tomatoes £4.00
 (or combo of your choice: 2 x toppings £4.50; 3 x toppings £5.50)

with Jam/Marmite £2.00
Beans/Cheese £3.00
Dippy Eggs £3.00

With Jam and butter £1.80

Lemon & Garlic Chicken
Chicken breast marinated in lemon and garlic.
Cauliflower and Cumin Fritters
Ottolenghi’s fantastic fritters.
Turkey and Sweetcorn meatballs
Turkey, sweetcorn and fresh herbs.

Enjoy with salad (s) of your choice, or pop it in a pitta with a bit on the side or hummus

Butternut Squash Cous Cous
With apricots, spices, mint, tarragon and parsley.
Beetroot and Carrot
With a cheeky squeeze of lemon.
Salvation Salad
Rainbow chard, cherry tomatoes, fresh herbs and seeds glorious seeds...

A Bit On The Side
Radish and Lemon Raita
Roasted Red Pepper Sauce

½ Pint portions of the above menu

With Ham or Cheese (add 50p for salad on side)

Unless otherwise stated: £5.50 for 2 items, £6.50 for three (includes one Headliner)

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