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Wednesday, 17 August 2011


Apologies for the awful title - in a previous career I was taught that a good title is the key to an audience - I hope someone's still reading!!  What I'm actually referring to is that last week at Salvation, we played host to the wonderful team behind Trumpers Tea - our loose leaf tea suppliers.

Claire Trumper has been a stalwart supporter of Salvation since it was a seedling of an idea; she has enlightened me on to the path of the tea-leaf and it's many delectable varieties so when she asked if Trumpers could use the cafe as a backdrop to their new ad campaign and rebranding, how could I refuse?

Bella, the most beautiful (and well behaved) Gaffer I've ever met...

 It was such a fun day and an absolute delight to meet everyone; Simon and Rebecca from Photopia Photography created some beautiful sets and styled the shoots so tastefully, whilst Sue from Susan Wincott PR (0208 2924299 or sue@susanwincott.co.uk) was a total dream to work with and had a nack for sniffing out Posterity's finest offerings....The team have promised to send us the images that they captured on the day, meanwhile you have my humble offerings (although my skills lean towards ladles, not lenses...).

 So please do accept my apologies for the lack of blog action, but what with the shoot, an extremely civilised 'rave in a cave'  near here for my best friend's birthday (you really must visit this place, it's heavenly), and then an impromptu family break in this part of the world (which featured this glorious cafe: http://www.hivebeachcafe.co.uk/ - we recommend the whole sea bass), I've been somewhat up against it!

In order to prove that I do actually open for business and indeed serve food, here are some photos from last weeks menu (featuring my experimental Courgette, Brocolli and Paneer fritters, which went down a storm; I promise to post the recipe when I get a moment!).

Butternut Squash and Apricot Cous Cous

Baynham's Beetroot and Carrot Salad (home-grown)

Those delicious Courgette, Brocolli and Paneer Fritters...

Salvation Salad

And if any of you happen to find yourself at a loose end this Thursday, Friday or Saturday, here's this weeks menu:

Rustic bread, topped with:
Oak Roasted Salmon and Creamy Eggs £5.00
Creamy Eggs and Smoked Bacon £4.50
Mushrooms and Parsley£4.00
Tomatoes £4.00
 (or combo of your choice: 2 x toppings £4.50; 3 x toppings £5.50)

with Jam/Marmite £2.00
Beans/Cheese £3.00
Dippy Eggs £3.00

With Jam and butter £1.80

Poached Chicken in Ginger
Beautifully tender chicken breasts poached in ginger and coriander.
Sweet Potato Cakes
Roasted sweet potato with a hint of herbs and chilli….
Mixed Bean Chilli
Mixed beans, fresh herbs, low G.I – delicious with lime yoghurt.

Happy Carrot
Leon’s gorgeous carrot salad, with fresh herbs and lemon dressing.
Lime and Coriander Rice
Basmati rice seasoned with lime and coriander.
Salvation Salad
Mixed leaves, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, fresh herbs and seeds glorious seeds...
Lentil Salad
Puy lentils with carrots, celery and parsley in a yummy dressing.

A Bit On The Side
Lime Yoghurt

½ Pint portions of the above menu

With Ham or Cheese

Unless otherwise stated: £5.50 for 2 items, £6.50 for three (includes one Headliner)

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