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Tuesday, 13 March 2012


Well, as close as I can get to being 'on the pull' these days.....what I am actually referring to is the love affair currently occurring between all at Salvation HQ and the latest addition to our menu, Pulled Pork.

The best cut of meat for this dish is the 'hand' of pork - cut through the shoulder blade, you basically get the most incredible meat (as you would on a shoulder), with a few ribs to boot, and an enormous bone (the blade), which, given 8+ hours to cook, will deliver flavour like you wouldn't think possible (with a little help from our house marinade, of course).

Our wonderful butcher prepares this joint to perfection; it's cut so it fits snugly in our largest roasting tin, and scored deeply and finely (close together) all over.  We then rub it lovingly with the marinade, top it up with Baynhams Cider, and leave it in the fridge overnight.  It goes in to the bottom of the Aga in the morning and doesn't come out until it's safe to (never get this joint out of the oven if you have company - it will be devoured.  Unless, of course, that is your intention).  At this stage, you can practice your pulling technique.  If, like us, you've still got it after all these years, grab two forks and pull the pork away from the bone.  It will fall apart at your fingertips.  I am salivating just thinking about it.

So, although we can't give you any top tips for Cheltenham this week (other than to avoid David if he's not winning), we're pretty confident that the pulled pork will be favourite on this week's lunch delivery round....

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