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Thursday, 8 March 2012


We will forgive you all for assuming that that wonderfully fragrant whiff in the air was a sign of impending Spring....it actually signals the return of Salvation - Hooray!

Yes, we're back.  And we have more than a little to be excited about.  As many of you will already know, we WON the Netmums.com competition for 'Best Family Place To Eat In Herefordshire' - thank you so much to all of you who voted.  So as well as keeping the kids happy this year with new additions such as a spruced up play area, new toys and yummy delights on the menu (strawberry cheesecake sandwiches to name just one), we have one or two newbies that you grown-ups may be interested in.

Due to popular demand, Salvation is now offering takeaway lunches, delivered to your door...or desk...or wherever you choose to take your lunch.  Simply call or text us with your order by 10am on either Thursday or Friday each week, and we'll have lunch delivered to you by midday.  Email me for a copy of our takeaway menu.  Sorry, out-of-townies: we can only deliver to Ledbury town centre and outskirts.

Whilst on the subject of takeaway lunches....we figured that 'wraps' are so 2011, we've come up with the Salvation 'cone' for 2012 - a delicious flatbread, worked in to a cone, and home to some outrageously tasty fillings.  Our favourite being the 8 hour (or longer if I forget about it) slow-roasted hand of pork in our top-secret house marinade.  We are too good to you.

We're delighted to welcome Hannah from Hellens House, Much Marcle, as a cake supplier - we'll try and save you a slice but you'd better be quick as her cakes don't seem to hang around for long.... yum yum.

And keep you're eyes glued to this blog, as we'll be scheduling in the first batch of our workshops for parents/toddlers over the next couple of weeks.

We hope to see you all soon (Posterity have lots of exciting things happening at the moment - not least the opportunity to come and set up shop here - quick, book your space now!).  Last week's no-reserve auction was an enormous success (and it really was no reserves - lots of amazing bargains were snapped up), and building work on the big barn to create the workshop/retail spaces is due to start next week, with a launch weekend booked in for the end of this month.  We'll keep you posted....


  1. Congratulations on winning the well deserved award Helen! It all sounds very exciting at Posterity/ Cafe Salvation at the moment. Can't wait to see what comes next (including the workshops!)

  2. Thank you, K! Don't suppose you'd be interested in running a course/workshop? I'm just putting the programme together...Hope all is well with you? xx